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Stuart Seedorff
P.O. box 283
Lamont,IA. 50650
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    I'm Stuart Seedorff (Stubert).  I first attended the
Reunion in 1987.  I have made it back every year since.

    In 1999 I made my first attempt at a web site.  It
was one page and contained only the thumbs for a few 
pictures that I had taken over the years.  In 2000 I 
went to the Reunion with the intent of taking pictures 
and gathering information specifically for the web site.
What you see here now is the progress I have made so


 Hi to one and all
	Leaving for O.T. Sunday morning.  I have everything packed and
ready to go.  I wonder what all I forgot? 

    It sounds like it's going to be a hot start for the week.  I hope it can
cool off before the Reunion starts.

    Looking forward to seeing my old friends, making some new ones and 
taking a lot of pictures.
     See you at the reunion

    If you want to look me up at the Reunion I started showing 
gas engines in 2009. We set up east of gas engine H.Q.. Please 
stop and say HI.  If there is anything you think I should add to
my web site, notice any mistakes or just want to send me a 
message, please click the E-MAIL icon near the top of the page.

   I answer every e-mail I get (most of the time unfortunately 
I'm not much help :-).  Be sure to add Threshers Reunion to 
the subject line. 

    Be sure to check the What's New page.It's the easiest
way to find out what's been updated sense you last visited.	
    Thanks for visiting
	Stuart (Stubert)

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Stuart  and   Jane