This is a list of the changes I have made to the site going by the date of the changes. The picture to the left of the description is a link to the part of the site that has been updated. I hope this will make it easier to find new information without looking through the whole site.
      3-05-18    (10)quinton picture added
      05-02-17    New National Motorcycle Museum page
      03-27-17    New Kennedy Space Center page
      03-24-17    New Kissimmee Florida 2017 page
      3-24-17    Pictures added Mark V page  
      01-04-17    New Christmas farm 2016 page
      01-04-17    New Christmas home 2016 page
      11-22-16    New Karna Birthday page
      11-06-16    New Seedorff Reunion page
      7-19-16    pictures added Dey and Vernette page
      3-27-16    pictures added Frank Dempster 50th anniversary page
      3-27-16    New Naval Station Kodiak page  
      3-25-16    New Dey's at Lamont 1972 page  
      3-23-16    New Sheboygan page  
      3-01-16    New Door County page  
      2-25-16    New Marty and Mandy page  
      2-24-16    pictures added Mandys page 
      2-24-16   pictures added Martys page
      2-17-16    New our engines page  
      2-17-16    New Cowles Reunion page page  
      2-16-16    New Farming page  
      2-14-16    Stuart and Jane pictures added 
      2-10-16    New camping page  
      2-08-16    New Wedding page  
Kodiak Alaska 1971
      2-04-16    Pictures Added Alaska page  
      01-29-16    New page Oregon 2001
      1-27-16    Hill reunion page redone
      01-21-16    New page Charlie Dempster 50th anniversary
      12-28-14    quinton picture added
Christmas pictures
      12-28-13    christmas pictures added
      12-28-13    quinton picture added
      12-28-12    quinton picture added
      12-28-11    quinton picture added
      12-28-10    quinton picture added
      12-28-09    quinton picture added
      5-31-08    flood picture added
      3-02-08    quinton picture added
      12-28-07    quinton picture added
      12-28-06    quinton picture added
      7-13-05    quinton picture added
      4-23-05    quinton picture added
      1-7-05    quinton picture added
      9-18-04    quinton pictures added 
      8-6-04    quinton pictures added added 
      7-3-04    quinton pictures added added 
      4-18-04    quinton pictures added 
      1-27-04    cruise picture added 
      1-27-04    quinton picture added 
      12-10-03    quinton pictures added 
      10-30-03    quinton pictures added 
      8-21-03    quinton pictures added 
      8-19-03    quinton pictures added 
      5-2-03    quinton pictures added 
      4-30-03    quinton pictures added 
      1-5-03    quinton pictures added